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Classes range from 3 ½ to adult


Ballet is the core of all dance and is great to study alongside all other classes.

Ballet dance is great for developing discipline, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, stamina and much more. We also teach lyrical style in our ballet classes, developing the flow and the feeling of lyrical dance.
We welcome boys for ballet and develop upper body strength and partnering work.

Ballet for little ones… for our little ballerinas (age 3.5 – 6yrs) we teach ballet through imagination and mime in such a fun way the pupils are not even aware they are learning the foundations for ballet technique.


In our tap classes you will learn about rhythms and steps, classes are structured around the IDTA syllabus. Tap is a fun class, using the feet to make rhythms and sounds.

Modern Jazz

In Modern Jazz we teach a strong foundation of technique including, kicks, turns, leaps, isolations, expansion and relaxation.

We explore different styles of Jazz from authentic Jazz where we learn how Jazz dance was born to lyrical Jazz – where more softer lines and emotions are used to a more expressive commercial jazz approach – with the use of isolations and up to date funky moves and even the contemporary side of Modern Jazz.

Modern Jazz promotes strength, flexibility, expression and emotion just to name a few.

Acrobatic Arts

In our Acro classes we develop great strength, flexibility, balance and tumbling from beginners up to the more advanced pupil. We develop and build on tricks balances and tumbles which we structure the pupils in levels and around the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and the IDTA Acrobatic dance syllabus.

Musical Theatre

This is a fusion of Dance, Drama and Singing. Students are developing in confidence, coordination and memory as well as improving their performance skills. Each week we develop vocal and drama skills. This is a super fun class bringing all the elements together.


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